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Art 2023

2nd Preliminary Study Of Dragonlance Study (03-06-2023)Automatic Drawing (03-31-2023)Ink Study OF Dragonlance Painting (03-08-2023)JABBA DesignJonathan Waxman (03-21-2023)Knight On Horse Study (03-29-2023)Knight With Horse Study (04-04-2023)Knight With Spear (04-13-2023)Knight With Sword Study (05-10-2023)Lord Of Fuzz Pedal Design (12-06-2023)Mannequin Figure (03-31-2023)Mannequin Figure Drawing (04-04-2023)Preliminary Study Of Dragon Lance Study (03-02-2023)Quick Study Of A Larry Elmore Piece (03-01-2023)Sketch Of Knight Character (04-19-2023)Tame Impala Live At The Palladium Poster (01-22-2024)The Handing Of The Sword (04-06-2023)Two Knights Near A Castle (03-31-2023)Warrior With Woman Study (05-18-2023)Wizard Phaser Pedal Design (12-13-2023)

Art 2022

Another Portrait Of An English King (01-12-2022)A Seemingly Endless Ocean (03-16-2022)Color Study 2 Of King Louis (02-06-2022)Color Study For Alfred Kelsner Ink Drawing (02-06-2022)Color Study Of Dwarf With His Helmet (02-06-2022)Color Study Of Jester (02-13-2022)Color Study Of Jester (02-14-2022)Color Study Of Jester 2 (02-13-2022)Color Study Of King (02-11-2022)Color Study Of King (02-17-2022)Color Study Of King Louis (02-06-2022)Color Study Of Medieval Knight WIth Sword (02-21-2022)Color Study Of Syd Meads's Space Cruis Ship Painting (02-20-2022)Court Jester (01-17-2022)Drawing Of Beethoven Cast Sculpture (01-06-2022)Dwarf With His Helmet (01-08-2022)Guan Yu (03-24-2022)Guan Yu Statue (03-17-2022)Guan Yu With A Halberd And On A Horse (03-31-2024)Jacques On The Bed (01-17-22)Jacques Watermelon Phone Case Image (12-2022)Jeff Watts Dazed (01-03-2022,Illustration)Kermit With The Pearl Earring Color Study (02-20-2022)Kermit With The Pearl Earring (Color Study, Cropped, 2-20-2022)King Color Study (02-10-2022)Medieval Knight With A Sword (01-17-2022)Noble King On Top Of A Box (01-18-2022)Portait Of An Old Jester (01-13-2022)Portait Of A Seated Jester (01-12-2022)Portrait Of A Jester In A Chair (01-13-2022)Portrait Of An English King (01-12-2022)Portrait Of A Queen (01-20-2022)Portrait Of A Queen (Marker Study ,02-01-2022)Portrait Of A Queen (Marker Study 2 ,02-05-2022)Portrait Of King Louis I Of Hungary (01-19-2022)Rhino Bear Near The Cliff (01-03-2022, Illustration)Scene From Rocky III (01-03-2022)Smokestack Robot Near A Factory And Steam Engine (01-03-2022, Illustration)Study Of Ink Drawing By Alfred Kelsner (01-10-2022)The Rabbit Foot Episode (01-03-2022, Illustration)Thumbnail Portrait Of A King (01-12-2022)Viking And Beast (01-02-2022, Illustration)Xiahou Dun With A Scimitar (03-31-2022)Zootopia Elephant (01-03-2022, Illustration)

Art 2021

Another Sketch Of Vagabond Character (12-01-2021)Beast And Viking (12-01-2022)Centurion Chariot Pike And Colloseum (12-07-2021)Copy Cat DesignCountenance Of A Samurai (03-21-2021)Darken The Room (11-03-2021)JeeveSobs - Breakpoints Album Cover ArtJeff Watts Dazed (12-03-2021)Painted Dark Souls (11-14-2021)Painting Of A Random Woman (11-04-2021)Pharoah By An OasisRhino Bear Near The Cliff (12-09-2021).pngSide By Side (11-03-2021)Tempest Ultimatum (02-28-2021)The Interrogation Room With Base Colors Added (12-04-2021)The Interrogation Room (12-04-2021)The Rabbit Foot Episode (11-17-2021)Zootopia Elephant (12-01-2021)

Art 2020

10 Minute Portrait Of Guan Yu (2-19-2020)Backlit Muscular Man (2-8-2020)Barney Kessel Feeling The Music (3-3-2020)Foreshortened Man Standing (1-30-2020)Foreshortened Portrait Of A Man's Head (2-2-2020)Guan Yu Part I (3-3-2020)Guan Yu Part II (3-4-2020)Hair Texture Drawing With Self Portrait (2-23-2020)Hasty Regret (3-3-2020)Head In Strong Lighting (2-5-2020)I Barely Know You (2-18-2020)Kermit The Frog (1-3-2020)Potential 10Potential 12Potential 5Potential 5Potential 7Potential 9Quarter View Portrait Of Zach Hill (2-1-2020)Reflective Surface Drawing Of Hungarian Knight Armor (2-24-2020)Sword Of Chance

Art 2019

Big Bird StickerShibes Slopes Album Art